Extremely knowledgeable and kind staff. Several friends, family members and I have all benefitted from SIMIO Physical Therapists' help. Their approach is unique and they will definitely help you get back to feeling your best. Highly recommend!!

Jennifer K

Craig has been helpful to three of our family members now. He was great at explaining what he was testing for, what the findings were, and why he was having us do the exercises he prescribed. Physical therapy at Simeo was very insightful and helpful.

Joanne V

Simio is a respectable company. They offer services for everyone. It is not your average physical therapy. They focus on the Wholeness of a body and being not just a symptom of something. I trust them with what my body needs when it comes to pain, movement, posture, and breathing.

Rebecca S

Excellent professionals and I highly recommend Simio for any of their services. Professional, knowledgeable and very friendly staff eager to offer up their knowledge and help.

Ron M

I would highly recommend Edith for massage! She is very knowledgeable and really helped with my pinched nerve in my back! She is a lifesaver!!!!

Marlene R

Enjoying the yoga and other classes. Friendly instructors, classes are comfortable, not packed in like health clubs, instructors assist and advise if needed.

Annette V

Kelly is an outstanding therapist that looks at the WHOLE body to treat my ailments. I highly HIGHLY recommend Simio! Top notch therapy and wellness knowledge & treatments.

Jamie P

I'd actually give them a 10 if I could. This is a great team. [They are] great at explaining the whys and his plan on how to get to where your body needs to be. The only PT group I'll ever go to!!!!

Amy H

I had a GREAT experience here. Craig was helpful with teaching me stretches and exercises that I could do at home to really help with my pain from Running outside. I highly recommend!!!

Robin M

Edith is an amazing deep tissue massage therapist and I highly recommend seeing her for your massage needs. She was extremely helpful in answer questions, making me feel comfortable and offered stretches and pressure points to do and try at home.

Ron M

SIMIO Physical Therapy has been great to work with. I am feeling parts of my body function that have not before. It is amazing to feel these movements and to be able to feel more at ease when doing physical activity.

Kristin W

All physical Therapist are not created equally. Craig not only devised a plan to get me back, but he got to the root cause that landed me in his office in the first place. He put a home routine in place to keep me on the right path and has me walking tall again.

Frank F

The perfect blend of knowledge, professionalism, compassion and care from Kelly (PT) at my first appointment. I walked out feeling confident that I would be able to walk my daughter down the isle pain free!

Scott C

Super friendly staff. Broad range of Wellness programs for all.

Dan K

Never had anyone understand my back problems like Craig. They have an awesome and caring staff. They really know what they are doing after 15 years of dealing with different offices I will never go to another one.

Bones FMj

Craig is a very knowledgeable therapist that can answer questions and explain the physiology of what is going on in language that can be understood by lay people. The entire staff is accommodating and professional. I would highly recommend this group to anyone needing therapy.

Mary H

Wow!! Talk about magic touch , staff did a great job and Craig is AWSOME !

Mark P