I've had pain in the past when going for longer runs and have always wondered what options I had to address it. I met Craig Stasio at a Gazelle's shoe store where they offer clinician's help in looking at your movement. He is very knowledgeable and really took a different approach at looking at my issues than others in the past. He keeps up to date with shoe model updates and has a list of recommendations based on your different concerns. He has a good bed side manner and made me curious enough to consider more extensive treatment.

Thun C

Simio has changed my life! I went in with a chronic achilles pain which kept me from doing much of what I enjoy doing. After working with Kelly, I left with no pain at all and I have even started running again! Halfway through my healing, my 17 year old son went in as well. He has had respiratory problems throughout his life and seemed to be somewhat hunched over. We thought it was from playing instruments. He is still seeing her but now walks with his shoulders back and I believe he is even breathing better! Now even my husband has started going! We were introduced to SIMIO because my younger son went to see Craig due to some eye issues. Thanks to vision therapy and PT with Craig, post eye surgery my son's vision continues to improve! Thank you SIMIO for looking at our whole bodies and trusting that they were meant to heal themselves with a little guided help!

Kendra L.

I am so thankful for Craig and the rest of the staff at SIMIO! I am currently a pre-physical therapy student and did a portion of my observation hours there. Each of the therapists did a wonderful job explaining new concepts to me in an easy to understand manner. They are extremely knowledgeable, kind, and compassionate in what they do. My experience at SIMIO definitely makes me more excited to continue my own journey in physical therapy. I would highly recommend them!

Anastasia T

"I have experienced urinary urgency, incontinence, and frequency for most of my adult life. I had expressed this concern
to doctors multiple times over those years. The answer from the doctors was always "you had three big babies and this is what happens." And more recently I have been told "this is part of the aging process." Finally I had enough of having to plan my life around
availability of restrooms and how much fluid I could take in safely if traveling or working. I sought out a surgeon to have my prolapsed bladder repaired hoping this was the answer. I was not expecting to hear that surgery was not the first treatment option.
I was given a diagnosis of over active bladder, a medication and a order for physical therapy. I had a nasty reaction to the medication so that was no longer part of my treatment plan. Which left physical therapy. To say that I did not expect any positive results
from PT would be an understatement. However within 3 days of my first appointment my symptoms had already started to improve. Now several weeks into therapy, I am amazed at how much better the quality of my life is simply because I am not experiencing the symptoms
of overactive bladder at the degree I was for so long. Kelly is an amazing therapist. She is an incredibly professional, empathetic and so knowledgeable. I highly recommend her to anyone with incontinence or any other issues."


Over the years, I have had various things come up physically - back pain, shoulder pain, mobility issues - and each time I always chose to have a referral to SIMIO because their approach has been so helpful AND effective!! Nathan Dykema has been very patient and thorough at our sessions, and I always end up being able to get back to being active without pain!

Kelly S

I highly recommend Harvey Swanson for massage Therapy at Simio. Harvey is very skilled, knowledgeable, and compassionate. I feel SO much better and am grateful for Harvey's care!

Kris P

Extremely knowledgeable and kind staff. Several friends, family members and I have all benefitted from SIMIO Physical Therapists' help. Their approach is unique and they will definitely help you get back to feeling your best. Highly recommend!!

Jennifer K

Craig has been helpful to three of our family members now. He was great at explaining what he was testing for, what the findings were, and why he was having us do the exercises he prescribed. Physical therapy at Simeo was very insightful and helpful.

Joanne V

Simio is a respectable company. They offer services for everyone. It is not your average physical therapy. They focus on the Wholeness of a body and being not just a symptom of something. I trust them with what my body needs when it comes to pain, movement, posture, and breathing.

Rebecca S

Excellent professionals and I highly recommend Simio for any of their services. Professional, knowledgeable and very friendly staff eager to offer up their knowledge and help.

Ron M

Enjoying the yoga and other classes. Friendly instructors, classes are comfortable, not packed in like health clubs, instructors assist and advise if needed.

Annette V

Kelly is an outstanding therapist that looks at the WHOLE body to treat my ailments. I highly HIGHLY recommend Simio! Top notch therapy and wellness knowledge & treatments.

Jamie P

I'd actually give them a 10 if I could. This is a great team. [They are] great at explaining the whys and his plan on how to get to where your body needs to be. The only PT group I'll ever go to!!!!

Amy H

I had a GREAT experience here. Craig was helpful with teaching me stretches and exercises that I could do at home to really help with my pain from Running outside. I highly recommend!!!

Robin M

Edith is an amazing deep tissue massage therapist and I highly recommend seeing her for your massage needs. She was extremely helpful in answer questions, making me feel comfortable and offered stretches and pressure points to do and try at home.

Ron M

SIMIO Physical Therapy has been great to work with. I am feeling parts of my body function that have not before. It is amazing to feel these movements and to be able to feel more at ease when doing physical activity.

Kristin W

All physical Therapist are not created equally. Craig not only devised a plan to get me back, but he got to the root cause that landed me in his office in the first place. He put a home routine in place to keep me on the right path and has me walking tall again.

Frank F

The perfect blend of knowledge, professionalism, compassion and care from Kelly (PT) at my first appointment. I walked out feeling confident that I would be able to walk my daughter down the isle pain free!

Scott C

Super friendly staff. Broad range of Wellness programs for all.

Dan K

Never had anyone understand my back problems like Craig. They have an awesome and caring staff. They really know what they are doing after 15 years of dealing with different offices I will never go to another one.

Bones FMj

Craig is a very knowledgeable therapist that can answer questions and explain the physiology of what is going on in language that can be understood by lay people. The entire staff is accommodating and professional. I would highly recommend this group to anyone needing therapy.

Mary H

Wow!! Talk about magic touch , staff did a great job and Craig is AWSOME !

Mark P

The physical therapists are very knowledgeable and super helpful. They always have your best interests in mind.

Jill E

Great experience at Simio. I had a sciatica issue when running and needed help relieving the pain. Craig identified an alignment issue and we went to work. I'm feeling much better and appreciate Craig's insight. He ended up fixing other related issues that I had for years, but didn't know how to fix. Thanks!


In 2009 I first went to Simio for Craig's treatment based on testimony from a lady in my church. I was considering surgery after nearly 3 decades of chronic pain due to injuries and repetitive physical work motion. This lady had back surgery gone wrong, with tears in her eyes she pleaded with me to see Craig before surgery.
Somewhat skeptical because I had been to more than half a dozen chiropractors and just about as many physical therapist over the years Craig was the first to be adamant about discovering the root of the problem ( first damage due to injury in 1984) and he found it! That was in the L-4,5 area. Got me on track and back to work
This spring revisited Simio with C-5,6 issues, again back on track and working again. Craig is always passionate about his career and treatments. I have not been seen by anyone who has the knowledge and techniques Craig applies to his patients. Speaking of patients five of my six family members have been seen and benefited by Craig's treatments, none of them as serious as mine but were still thrilled with the results.
I have a lot more to say about Craig and Simio but this review is long enough and seeing as how I don't do these reviews. I couldn't help but put this review up because I am passionate about pain relief I know how debilitating it can be and anyone who goes to Simio will get answers like I did.

Sincerely, MJ

mark j

As a local Personal Trainer I have been fortunate to share a great business partnership with SIMIO Health & Wellness. We are able to work together to create the best care plan possible for my clients. I know my clients will enjoy a more impactful life, moving and feeling better, thanks to SIMIO Health & Wellness.

Ashley P

Craig and team were very helpful when I had some back pain issues. Craig has great knowledge along with ability to explain in layman's terms. I trust him and would highly recommend Simio if you are dealing with pain issues.

Harold V

I am very thankful I gave Simio a go. The staff is very friendly and caring. Craig was very thorough and got to the root of my problem. Within just a few visits, I was already feeling a difference. I am now pain free!

Lisa Z

The approach used by my PT Craig at Simeo is effective and life changing. Craig's knowledgeably conveys the intricacies of how the body and breath work in synchronicity so that my body can heal from the effects of stress and lifelong habits that have not served my body. He teaches me more than important exercises-he also teaches effective body mechanics and effective breathing. Not only is my shoulder pain gone, the back unknotted, the sleeping glutes awakened, I sleep better, feel more relaxed, and have a great deal of gratitude for my body working and feeling well!

Arda R

Because I have some severe spinal injuries I have had a lot of physical therapy over the years. But once I worked with Craig Stasio at Simio PT I never wanted to go anywhere else. Not only did I find Craig to be highly professional I also found him to be so knowledgeable re my spine that he improved my life in many areas. From an improved mattress to body movement I made helpful changes. He even showed me how to tie my shoe more efficiently. Craig is also fit and healthy which added to my appreciation. From the easy appointment making to insurance details I give Simio two thumbs up and 5 stars! Susan K

Susan K

I have been going to SIMIO for several years and have always been impressed with their knowledge and very satisfied with the results

Dave D

Twice in the last several years I have had reason to see a PT at Simio.

They are quite good at their craft. While the results were what I was looking for, the explanations of what was going on with my body was what I was most impressed with.

Ted S

Craig and the SIMIO Health & Wellness team are top notch. Craig is knowledgeable and goes the extra mile on patient care. Getting my physical therapy care at SIMIO Health and Wellness is one of the best decisions I've made and highly recommend working with Craig and the team at SIMIO Health & Wellness.

Molly M

Simio was able to address the root of my problem instead of sticking a bandaid on the symptom, like a different physical therapist's office did. I've since been back for different issues, and definitely recommend them. Staff is friendly, make you feel comfortable, and definitely know what they are doing. Five stars!

Mady B.

After being told I would need surgery for my knee pain, a friend urged me to see if SIMIO could help. I'm so glad I did! Not only did they stop the pain, they also addressed what was causing the pain so it wouldn't come back. And the best part; I didn't need surgery! Since then my family has been to SIMIO for several different issues and we can not recommend them enough. The staff is extremely caring and professional and so dedicated to what they do. Their Postural Restoration training gives them the tools to address many issues at a deeper level to bring timely and effective relief and health. They offer a free consultation if you want to see if and how physical therapy can address what's going on in your body. I also recommend their massage therapists; they are amazing! The best massages I've ever had. Two big thumbs up for this great clinic!

Carissa B

I've gone to a few different PT places over the years. Simio is the first place that figured out why I had the problem instead of just treating the symptoms.
I have recommended Simio to many of friends and they all have been happy with the treatment they have received.

Sandra P

SIMIO has been a wonderful experience for our family. We are on the third family member who has required their services over the last serveral years and have had great experiences. All the staff has been great to work with. They are very knowledgeable, professional and polite. I would highly recommend. Thanks and keep up the good work.

Andra M