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What's keeping you from feeling your best? SIMIO Health & Wellness can help you overcome obstacles by providing the support and services you need. We offer physical therapy, restorative therapy, massage and health coaching to help you improve any of the conditions listed. 

Balance and Falls Prevention

Bladder Health & Incontinence

Chronic Pain

Foot Pain


Hip Pain

Knee Pain

Airway & Breathing Restoration

McKenzie Method®

Certified Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy™

Neck Pain

Pelvic Health

Physical Therapy

Focused treatment for a specific area of pain or concern.

Restorative Care

Physical Therapy that focuses on the whole picture of you

Regional care reduces pain and limitation while restorative physical therapy from a certified postural restoration specialist allows you to work toward prevention and restore you to natural whole body movement.


Having surgery? Prepare your body for the best outcome.

Snoring & Sleep Apnea

Let us show you how to increase your airway and manage pressure from the ground up instead of jaw forward.

We work shoulder to shoulder with dentists to achieve the space you need for restful breathing and nourishing sleep.

Total Joint Replacement



Schedule a telehealth consultation with a licensed PT.

Gait assessment


Soft Tissue Mobilization / IASTM

Sciatica/SIJ pain


Running analysis

Postural Restoration

Footwear guidance


Stress & Tension

Anxiety & Depression

Bed/Mattress Fitting

Post-Surgical treatment

Mechanics of Movement

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