We are a progressive orthopedic manual phyiscal therapy clinic specializing in Neuro-reflexive Muscular Facilitation Techniques™.  We treat common and uncommon diagnoses with a unique assessment and treatment proficiency using traditional physical therapy techniques in addition to NMFT™.  The distinction between facilitation techniques and strength exercises can be made in seconds! While strength gains can take weeks, facilitation can be accomplished in each visit!  Our delivery of facilitation techniques is immediately followed up with exercise for endurance to produce a lasting result.  This marriage of muscular facilitation and endurance exercise can reinforce gains in postural control, spine and pelvic alignment, shoulder position, joint stability, gait, range of motion, and functional form for any activity.  The end result:  a satisfied patient that has strategies to make measurable gains with each successful repetition of home exercise.

We believe that our bodies generate power from our center and release that power in a chain to our extremities.  We study the physiological elements necessary to generate this power, and the limitations that may be present in transferring it down the chain.  In addition, we train the body to prepare for delivery of this power to the ground or the tennis racquet, so to speak.