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Prioritize your health, maintain an active lifestyle, eliminate pain, avoid injury, find your balance. At SIMIO Health & Wellness, you will work with licensed physical therapists and specialists who are passionate about your overall wellbeing.

Our wellness center & physical therapy clinic provides customizable physical therapy, massage, health coaching, and postural restoration to residents in the Zeeland MI and the surrounding Holland, Zeeland & Holland Charter Township & Hudsonville, MI area. From young to old, patients will find unique solutions for pain, movement restriction, and barriers to life goals.

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Unwind after a long day or an intense workout with a relaxing massage. Click here to learn more.



Health Coaching, Fertility Enrichment, CBD/hemp oil consulting... We offer a wide range of services to improve your well-being. Click here to learn more.



Restore your ability to control motion from your center and project power outward toward your shoe or your tennis racquet. A whole-body approach to wind and unwind with ease. Manage pressure, propulsion, and respiration at the same time with every step. Breathe easily. Stand or sit effortlessly. SIMIO is the only certified Postural Restoration Center™ in Michigan. Click here to learn more.

Come to Michigan's Only Certified Postural Restoration Center™

Discover the gift of breathing. Move with ease. Dispel the myths of what posture requires!

We take a hands-on approach to wellness

We consider the whole body when finding solutions for pain, restricted movement, and sports performance limitations. Guided by a series of unique objective and manual tests, we tailor your care plan to meet your goals. Then, we retest your progress for measurable results.

Our qualifications:

  • Our team has over 37 years of combined experience
  • Our owner is one of only 215 Postural Restoration Certified™ professionals in the world and the only certified Provider in Michigan
  • Our licensed staff physical therapists are Doctors of Physical Therapy
  • Our licensed massage therapists and health coaches are certified to serve you with the most current and effective techniques.

Come find wellness at our physical therapy and wellness center in Zeeland, MI.



Progress you can see and feel

Our experts are trained to tailor your individualized treatment activity and exercises to your unique presentation. Our unique objective measurements will create a roadmap for effective individualized treatment.

We track your progress with you and show you the immediate results.

This information gives us a great deal of detail on the effect of body movement and position for sport, gait deviations, and functional movement patterns. It allows us to understand what influence we need to have over specific body positions and what activity would negatively or positively effect change in your muscle performance, posture, movement and form.

Extremely knowledgeable and kind staff. Several friends, family members and I have all benefitted from SIMIO Physical Therapists' help. Their approach is unique and they will definitely help you get back to feeling your best. Highly recommend!!


Craig has been helpful to three of our family members now. He was great at explaining what he was testing for, what the findings were, and why he was having us do the exercises he prescribed. Physical therapy at Simeo was very insightful and helpful.


Simio is a respectable company. They offer services for everyone. It is not your average physical therapy. They focus on the Wholeness of a body and being not just a symptom of something. I trust them with what my body needs when it comes to pain, movement, posture, and breathing.


Excellent professionals and I highly recommend Simio for any of their services. Professional, knowledgeable and very friendly staff eager to offer up their knowledge and help.


I would highly recommend Edith for massage! She is very knowledgeable and really helped with my pinched nerve in my back! She is a lifesaver!!!!