Physical Therapy

Experience a difference in Physical Therapy at SIMIO

Our Zeeland, MI practice focuses on facilitating your unique ability to restore function and balanced control to your body.

We are a progressive restorative physical therapy clinic specializing in Postural Restoration®, Positional Preference Testing, Neuro-reflexive Muscular Facilitation Techniques™, and Mechanical Diagnosis and Therapy®. We treat common and uncommon diagnoses with a unique assessment and treatment proficiency using traditional physical therapy techniques in addition to our other specialties. The distinction between facilitation techniques and strength exercises can be made in seconds! While strength gains can take weeks, facilitation can be accomplished in each visit! Our delivery of facilitation techniques is immediately followed up with re-patterning activity and exercise to produce a lasting result. This marriage of postural repositioning, muscular facilitation and endurance exercise can reinforce gains in postural control, spine and pelvic alignment, shoulder position, joint stability, gait, range of motion, and functional form for any activity. The results are immediate and undeniable.
We study the ability of our bodies to generate power from our center and release that power in a chain to our extremities. Our specialties encompass the physiological elements necessary to create this power, as well as the ability to identify the limitations that may be present in transferring this power to the extremities for functional movement. In addition, we train the body to deliver this power to the ground to balance and control reciprocal alternating activity which in simpler terms is walking, running, or any activity that you do not stay in one spot. We examine the position of the upper and lower half of the body in relation to all phases of gait and optimize it with the ability to breathe. It is a precise science that you will only find at SIMIO.
Insurance-billed care and cash-based wellness programs are offered.

Our four licensed physical therapists uniquely specialize in different areas of human movement.

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Positional Preference Testing

Find out where and how your body is limiting you in your own activity.

Postural Restoration®

Are dominant patterns of movement creating bad habits? Are you noticing that one side of you seems to be causing all of the problems?

Proprioceptive Neuromuscular Facilitation

Improve your flexibility, movement, and ability.

The McKenzie Method® of mechanical diagnosis and therapy

Trust the diagnosis and treatment of spine and extremities to a Certified McKenzie practitioner.

Neuro-Reflexive Muscular Facilitation™

Strength takes weeks to achieve, facilitation happens in seconds. Discover techniques to activate and prepare your body to exercise for strength and stability gains.

Fertility Enrichment

Is your body creating a limitation to achieving a pregnancy? Let us help you consider factors that other specialists are missing.

Sports Metrics and Performance

Expand your breathing capacity, body awareness, position, and power. We test the body in sport specific positions to identify and push your limits. Know what phase of gait or swing your body favors or avoids. Reach new potential that you never knew you could.

Community Education

Learn more about your body and what it requires! SIMIO provides community education opportunities in and out of the clinic. Contact us to set up a topic for your group.

Consult with us!

Have questions? Want to know more about your diagnosis or limitation? Contact us. Education is our passion and consultation with a licensed provider is our gift to you.

Regional physical therapy might be more affordable than you think. Our Zeeland, MI practice offers insurance-billed care and private-pay wellness programs. Contact us today to learn more about our unique programs.