Each person’s water needs are highly individual. Everything from age, activity level, and current health can affect how much water you need each day.  Some of your daily water needs are actually met through your diet, so it’s important to include hydrating foods like fruits and veggies in your meals throughout your day.

We all know that drinking water is important, but did you also know that lack of water (or dehydration) can sometimes be confused with hunger? So drinking enough water may actually help reduce food cravings. Your skin will glow more as you increase your water consumption. Your brain is made of about 70% water, so maintaining proper hydration will help you focus more clearly and stay alert.  If you are feeling sluggish throughout the day, drink a big glass of water and notice your energy increase!

A few tips for helping you stay hydrated and healthy:

  • Squeeze some lemon juice into your water. Lemon aids in digestion and your body’s detoxification process. It also gives you an immune boost!

  • Try making infused water with some cucumber slices, melon, or berries. Mix it up to keep every cup interesting!

  • Invest in a quality reusable water bottle. Go for stainless steel, glass or BPA-free water bottles. Try personalizing it so that it is something you enjoy having with you.

  • Make a goal to fill it up and drink it down a few times each day.

Cheers to your Health!