A unique learning opportunity

SIMIO Physical Therapy recognizes the importance of making an active choice in your individual healthcare needs.  There are many factors to consider in selecting a health care provider for physical therapy.  We offer Next Step Physical Therapy consultative services to make this decision easier.

During a consultation, you will spend 30 minutes with a licensed physical therapist who will perform an evaluation and assessment followed by a detailed explanation of our initial findings.

You will learn the "whats" and "whys" connecting our findings to your painful movement- muscle impairments, postural deficiencies- that limit your running, give you sleepless nights, that keep you from lifting up your grandchild, that prevent you from enjoying the movement you love.

You will also learn about what corrective techniques will be used to address your specific needs. 

Next Step Consultations are free of charge and are offered as an educational service to the community.  Physician referrals are not required, but are welcomed, since treatment services are not provided during these sessions.