Postural Restoration

Postural Restoration is Pressure Regulation : Support yourself with balance, breath, and strength.

Learn the ease of creating lift from within your body to eliminate the burden to your back, neck, and shoulders.

Do you want to FEEL this?

Sit or stand or sit up straight! Think of mom or your piano teacher telling you not to slouch...

Hold it there...Keep it up...

How does that feel? Keep going... Is this sustainable? How long could you do this? Do you want a break?

Keep holding yourself there... Now take a breath in and a breath out. Can you move air easily? Is there room? Does much air come out when you exhale? Do you feel your neck and shoulders trying to lift your chest to get more air in?

Do this feel like work?  Do you have tension in your back, neck, and shoulders?

That which is not sustainable will not become sustainable...EVER!

Are you ready to try something different?

What would it feel like if someone could just pump you up like a basketball and you could rest there expanded and centered?

How hard is it to dribble a basketball that is flat or deflated. How much energy goes into trying to move that ball to get it to bounce back?

Compare that to a ball that is round and inflated. The bounce is almost effortless. The ball returns to the hand with a light push.

What if all of our motion in our body could come with ease? What if we could move air and move our body at the same time? Pressure on the inside eases ability, while pressure on the outside creates burden.  Think of riding a bike on a soft (low pressure) tire.  How much harder is it to pedal?

Are you ready find out what your body is doing to limit you?

Trust the experts. SIMIO Health & Wellness is the only Certified Postural Restoration Center™ in Michigan.

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Your body will prioritize two other factors before you even lift a toe.
1. In this posture, can I get a sufficient breath with ease?
2. In this posture, what must shift so that I do not fall on my face?

Discover how to remove these primary concerns to unlock your full movement potential!

Imbalance feels different from one side to the other...

What can you do with one side that you can not do with the other?

We study patterns of human limitation...

Why do you have a dominant side? What side are you over-using?

The ability to move does not ONLY involve bones and joints...

How is moving air getting in the way of moving your body? What would your body prioritize if it had to pick between breathing and moving?