A roadmap for effective individualized treatment.



SIMIO therapists use an evaluative process called positional preference testing , where the body is placed in specific positions to mimic positional faults or deviations during functional activity.  Key muscles are tested for impairments while therapists record details pertaining to direction and type of impairments present. The testing process offers insight into the presence of issues with  intervertebral discs (discogenic pathologies) or narrowing of joint spacing for nerve tissue (stenosis, spondylosis, spondylolisthesis), or other effects of position on the function of the body's chains of muscles.  

This information gives us a great deal of detail on the effect of body movement and position for sport, gait deviations, and functional movement patterns.  It allows us to understand what influence we need to have over specific body positions and what activity would negatively or positively effect change in muscle performance, posture, movement and form.  From this, we can create a roadmap to tailor treatment activity and exercises to your unique presentation.

Corrective measures based on positional preference testing provides efficient results in your progression towards pain free sport performance and daily activities.