For many people, going on vacation can be a set-back in their quest for a healthier lifestyle. Routines are thrown aside, junk food and drinks are abundant, travel can be stressful, and many find themselves a few pounds heavier when they return home.  However, there is a better way!  You can enjoy your vacation and still stay mindful of helping your body feel great.

When I go on vacation, I definitely want to enjoy myself!  Since I strive to have a healthy and resilient relationship with my body all year long, I find that going on vacation is just an extension of my normal life. Even when my normal routines get mixed up, I continue to be mindful of how I am nourishing my body through food, water and exercise. Do I go out for ice cream? Absolutely! Do I eat snacks at the beach? Yes!  Do I ever eat too much while on vacation? Sometimes. But, I never count calories or punish myself after eating a treat. I listen to my body and continue making positive choices to help me feel my best.

Here are a few tips that I hope will help you enjoy your vacation and feel great!

  • Plan your vacation around physical activities that you enjoy. My family likes to adventure outside, hike, bike, and play in water so we often plan our vacations around these activities.

  • Cook some of your own meals.  Planning your vacation accommodations to include a kitchen will allow you to have more control over what you are eating and drinking.

  • Don’t want to cook? Look for a personal chef and hire them to cook a few meals for you. What a treat!

  • Don’t want to grocery shop while on vacation? No problem! There are many grocery shopping services where you can easily order your groceries online for a quick pick up or even have them delivered to where you are staying.

  • Focus on eating local foods and getting connected to the environment that you are in, especially if you are travelling to a different country. Pay attention to what grows locally and enjoy!

  • When you do go out to eat, share a meal with someone you are with. Mostly likely, this will still be plenty of food. Or, split it in half and take the leftovers for an easy lunch the next day.

  • If you love to take exercise classes, Google some local area exercise facilities and drop in on a new class!  

  • Schedule a massage during or after vacation. This is such a great way to relax, let go of stress and care for your body.

I encourage you to seek a healthy, strong and resilient relationship with food, exercise and your body. That way when you do go on vacation and routines are mixed up, you can bring this healthy lifestyle with you and more fully enjoy your time away.

If you desire to create sustainable, healthier habits and need some support, guidance and accountability along the way, schedule a Discovery Session and let’s chat!

Jennifer Kamper, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach