You know how you can get all excited about something and make plans to do it and then not actually do it?  Yes? Looks like that’s what happened with me and this blog.

Really, I have loads of ideas I would like to write about.  

·         Sugar Cravings

·         Eating Seasonally

·         Intentions

·         Primary Food

·         Disordered Eating/Body Image

·         Investing in Your Health

·         Rushing Women’s Syndrome

·         Making a Morning Routine

·         Health Benefits of Spices

·         Gluten Free Baking

·         What Does “Eating Healthy” Really Mean?

·         Inflammation: Calming the Fire Within

·         And more…

This list is actually tucked away in my phone! So why haven’t I written anything in a YEAR?  For one thing, I wasn’t intentional and did not set an action plan for writing blog posts. I had plenty of ideas, but I didn’t act on them. Also, I was stuck in “analysis paralysis.” Overthinking everything to the point of not writing anything. 

Personally, a lot has happened this year. In April, my husband’s job ended and we are still in-between. That loss has been significant and it has been hard for me to move forward as a health coach when I am uncertain how we are moving forward as a family.

Even with all of that, there have been many ways that I have NOT been stuck in this health coaching journey.

Since January 2018, I have:

·         Been present and engaged for 60 health coaching sessions with clients.

·         Met over 20 people through free 30-minute consultations.

·         Organized, advertised and implemented 9 workshops on my own.

·         Coordinated 6 wellness workshop + cooking classes with Chef Jen Plaggemars.

·         Met many amazing health practitioners and enthusiasts through networking meetings.

·         Gained confidence and valuable experience.

I’m giving myself a gold star for all of that!

My intention is to blog once a month in 2019. There, I said it! Now I have a plan. My aim is for anything I post to be unique to me.  It will be from who I am and what has been significant in my life experiences and health coaching practice.  Stay tuned!

Step by Step,

Jennifer Kamper, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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