Step by Step. One Step at a Time. The Next Step. A Step in the Right Direction…

All of these phrases set a picture in my mind of steady, moving forward progress. In this fast-paced world of instant everything, the idea of long-term goals is not particularly popular. We want results now. We want to reach our goals now. We are hungry now!

It’s so easy to think about what we want now.

“I want to run that 5K right now.”

“I want to be 20 pounds lighter now.”

“I want to advance in my job now.”

We all know that these things take time and dedication. We know that the first thing to do in training for a 5K is to get up off the couch, lace up shoes, and literally take those first steps. We know that to lose weight we must make intentional, healthy choices every day. And we know that to advance in our job, we must be consistent in the work before us each day and to continue to grow and develop new skills. These things don’t happen overnight.

When I look ahead to my goals as a Health Coach, it’s easy to get caught up in what I want it to look like in a few years instead of focusing on where I am now.  A helpful practice has been to set 6-month, 1 year, and even 5 year goals for my career. It’s inspiring to learn about other Health Coaching businesses and also healthy for me to recognize that they developed their skills step by step, just as I am doing.

Part of my next step is writing this blog! As I thought of what to name it, the phrase “Step by Step” just kept coming in mind. It makes me think of active participation and consistency. That’s what I strive for as a Health Coach and in other areas of my life. I am taking steps each week towards building my health coaching business.  I continue to take steps each day to maintain and increase my own health.

Let’s remember that in order to reach big goals, we must take it “Step by Step.”  All of these steps will lead to big distances over time and eventually we will be able to look back and see a lot of footprints along the path that got us to the point where we are now.

Step by Step,

Jennifer Kamper, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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