In an earlier post, I shared a bit of my journey of how I made the connection between what I was eating and chronic headaches. And how that transformed my life and set me on a course to learn all that I could about how to nourish my body so that I could feel my best and live without chronic headaches.

How did that lead me to becoming a Health Coach?

In 2011 our younger daughter went to kindergarten so with both girls in school full time, I started exploring possibilities for work outside the home. Sometime during that year, I stumbled upon The Institute for Integrative Nutrition (IIN), a year-long online course to become a certified Health Coach. The course looked amazing! At this point in my life, I had been eating gluten free for over a year and reading all kinds of books about nourishing foods, healing through food, and holistic wellness.  I called IIN for more information, but the tuition price was more than our budget allowed and I wasn’t quite sure that the timing was right for our family. I felt like I should wait.

During that time, I was also a coach for Girls on the Run for several years. Their mission is: “We inspire girls to be joyful, healthy and confident using a fun, experience-based curriculum which creatively integrates running.” I loved how it wasn’t just about running. We taught girls healthy communication skills, how to make more positive choices with friends and about making better food choices to nourish their bodies. I loved being Coach Kamper to all those 3rd through 5th grade girls!

Over these past several years, I often prayed that God would show me what He wanted me to do beyond homemaker (which I really do love!). There has been great value for me in being able to devote more time and energy to my family and home as a homemaker. But I knew that someday our girls would grow up and move away. *sniffle* Then what would I do? The idea of Health Coaching always came to mind.

Looking back, I can see how waiting for the right time was good. A few years ago, we had a huge transition for our family.  My husband had a change in ministry, we sold our house and moved into a rental for 5 months. Then we bought our current house, moved in between blizzards, the girls started a new school and Mark started with a different ministry at a new church.

In October 2015 I developed some back pain that wasn’t going away with rest and stretching, so I went to a Physical Therapist. Craig at SIMIO was highly recommended by several friends. On my first visit, I noticed a business card for a Health Coach at the front desk. I took the card, looked up the Audrey Byker ( and noticed she was a graduate of the Institute for Integrative Nutrition. I emailed her and asked her opinion about IIN and she emailed back and was very positive and encouraging! At one of my PT visits, I mentioned seeing the Health Coach business card and how that was something I was interested in doing some day. Craig and I chatted more about nutrition and the IIN online program. At another PT appointment, he asked if I was still thinking about IIN and then shared how SIMIO was planning to relocate, expand, and re-brand with more services, including Health Coaching.

In the spring of 2016, I received an email from a friend, who I hadn’t seen in several months, asking for some help and encouragement in the area of nutrition and exercise. She didn’t know anything of the recent Health Coach possibilities I was exploring.  The way my friend reached out to me, I felt like it was one more validation that I was SUPPOSED to take the next step to become a Health Coach. That same day I received another email from IIN with the best tuition offer yet. The timing was right!

I enrolled in IIN in May 2016!

And SIMIO moved forward with their building plans.

Through IIN, I gained more formal education, training, resources and experience as a Health Coach and I’m so excited to join forces with SIMIO Health Services to provide health coaching and nutritional education.

Now, it’s October 2017 and today is opening day for SIMIO Health Services in the new location at 730 Chicago Drive in Holland, Michigan. It’s beautiful and definitely a place you will want to check out for health coaching, nutrition education, wellness events, massage therapy, movement classes, and of course physical therapy.

Isn’t it beautiful when big plans come together?

Step by Step,

Jennifer Kamper, Integrative Nutrition Health Coach

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