FE - Program Sessions

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FE - Program Sessions


Fertility Enrichment treatment sessions are the third step for most patients.  Once eligibility is determined in our Preliminary Examination, you will have the opportunity to purchase enrichment sessions.  The Fertility Enrichment program is available in packages of up to 5 sessions.  Some women require up to 5 sessions, some require more based on objective change, prior medical and personal history, fertility history, and other factors unique to each individual.  Your Fertility Enrichment Sessions will include:

  1. Review of Preliminary Examination findings and questions.
  2. Objective testing (Subsequent external and internal measurements will be taken.  These visits may include intra-pelvic examination)  
  3. Treatment of objective findings.
  4. Establishment and instruction of a self treatment and/or home exercise program.

Please select the appropriate session package for your visits.  Once advised to enroll (following the Preliminary Examination findings), those enrolling for the first time should select the Initial package (up to 5 sessions). Those needing additional program sessions following the Initial sessions are attended should select Secondary Sessions (up to 5 additional sessions).  If you have attended Secondary Sessions and are in need of continuation, you should scroll down and select Extended Sessions (Up to 5 additional sessions).

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