FE - Consultation


FE - Consultation


Fertility Enrichment Consultation is the face-to-face meeting that starts the process of determining if you are a candidate for fertility treatment at SIMIO. This is a 30-40 minute session that will include:

  1. Review of previous medical history.
  2. Review of previous fertility and/or women's health history.
  3. Objective testing (initial external only measurements)  
  4. Discussion of objective testing, inclusion and exclusion criteria for enrollment, and findings.
  5. If merited, schedule your Fertility Enrichment Preliminary Examination.

The Consultation session is optional and can be replaced with the Fertility Enrichment Preliminary Examination.   Those traveling a distance, or that are sure that they want to be seen for the entire set of metrics needed for inclusion in the program can skip the consultation and instead enroll in the preliminary examination process.  Consultation is offered as a courtesy to those who are exploring fertility options and are interested in more information prior to enrollment.  Phone consultations are also an option on an as needed basis.

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