Join AG Collaborative at SIMIO Health & Wellness, Holland, for a special three hour workshop on Mindfulness.
For many of us it can feel like life is living us rather than the other way around. This introductory workshop is designed to show you how Mindfulness can flip that script. From the curious to the desperate, this workshop is for you.

- Understand what Mindfulness is [and isn't].
- Understand the many benefits of Mindfulness
- Learn proven techniques to increase well-
being and reduce stress.
- Cultivate greater awareness, presence, and
- Shift from living on autopilot to living with
purpose and intention.
- Navigate life with more balance and harmony.
- Discover the power and benefits of

This experiential intro session is an easy and engaging way to learn mindfulness practices and skills. Come discover why so many people around the world are embracing this simple and effective way to quiet the mind, increase attention, awareness, and resiliency. Become more responsive and less reactive by experiencing new ways to be present in your life.