We breathe more than 20,000 times a day!  How powerful is that?

Would you believe most of us are doing it all wrong? 

We often think it just happens quietly in the background like our heartbeat or blinking our eyes. Many people forget that breathing regulates our overall health and fitness.  

We are not using our diaphragm as it is intended to be used, as the body’s primary breathing muscle.  This is because of the consequences of contemporary life and asymmetries within our body.  Instead, we use it for posture and stability.  This results in a flood of stress hormones, fatigue, joint and mobility issues, as well as decreasing our ability to perform optimally in exercise and daily activities. 

So how do we get our body to breathe properly? 

We show you how to achieve neutrality and become functionally symmetrical! We re-establish your ability to shift side-to-side, activate your deep core and breathe efficiently into both lungs without tension.  Imagine breathing in deeply without feeling your neck or low back engage?  Try it.... When done correctly over a period of time you will re-train your brain and body to breathe efficiently again. 

So... who wants to reduce stress, decrease pain or perfect your physical performance?

Let us show you how to free your diaphragm and use your body to to properly breathe!

Kelly Marsman PT, DPT