About Nate

Nate was born and raised in Zeeland, MI. After a handful of years working in Grand Rapids, he is now planting roots near his hometown once again. As a Physical Therapist he is honored to return to SIMIO where he was mentored as a graduate student in 2010! He now returns to serve the community as a member of the SIMIO team.

Faith and Family are central in his life. His mission is to use the skills he has attained as a Physical Therapist to help folks achieve quality of life by overcoming pain and disability. He enjoys listening to peoples' stories, learning from them, and working alongside them to achieve goals that are meaningful. He owes a great debt of gratitude to each and every patient he has worked with as well as teachers and mentors that have helped him along the way.

His wife Katie and daughter Olivia make sure that there is no shortage of excitement at the their homestead, an old farmhouse near East Saugatuck. Although Nate doesn't actually tend to a farm, and he admittedly has virtually no experience with farm equipment, Nate does like to act the part. When his "farmer brethren" speak of parched fields and diminished crop yields, Nate does his part with an occasional impromptu rain dance.

Nate enjoys camping with his family and friends, listening to music, making music, traveling, hiking throughout Michigan, snowboarding, conquering sled hills, and cutting up rugs when the situation demands.

"Super friendly staff. Broad range of Wellness programs for all."

Dan K