K - Taping

Need tape at the Box, in the Gym, or on the field.  We can help.  Select this service and show your receipt on paper or on your phone.

By selecting this service, I have been informed and fully understand that there is no guarantee that the proposed kinesio-taping procedure will improve my condition and that is possible, although unlikely, that the course of treatment may cause additional pain or discomfort or aggravate my condition. I have been given on opportunity to ask questions, and all my questions have been answered to my satisfaction.

If you confirm that you have read and fully understand this consent, selecting "purchase" and completing the necessary payment information will serve as your informed consent to have a certified Physical Therapist or Physical Therapist Assistant provide your K-tape service. 

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Sports Performance

Join SIMIO for our interactive clinics providing foundational information and functional tools to take home and use immediately, reducing the chance of injury and increasing your performance.

CrissFit Soaring Ledge Sports Performance

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Join us for a FREE interactive event describing the effect of core muscle and abdominal performance on propulsion. This event will focus on the muscles necessary to run with good form, propel our bodies over the earth from our center, and project our power outward to make natural improvements in performance.


Let us show you the muscles and techniques necessary for propulsive running flexibility in this FREE interactive event. Get ready to learn the connection between muscle balance and flexibility and why it may be your missing link to running posture and injury-prevention.


This FREE movement-based demonstration will bind together propulsion concepts into skill. Learn ground reaction drills for form, agility, speed, cadence, and control so that "off-course" training will increase "on-course" performance. Running/athletic shoes and clothes you can exercise in are recommended. Changing areas are available.

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Summer 2014 CrossFit Soaring Ledge Sports Performance Series.

Summer 2014 CrossFit Soaring Ledge Sports Performance Series.


December 2013 Reaction Force: injury prevention clinic at CrossFit Flight.  

December 2013 Reaction Force: injury prevention clinic at CrossFit Flight.  

February 2014 Reaction Force: Sports Performance clinic at CrossFit Flight.